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Plastigela, 2020

Plastigela is a new material consisting of recycled plastic, ochre, gelatin, glycerin, and water. And it is an extra version of the material Ocragela that I have developed. 


In this version, I have tried to use recycled plastics as the main ingredient to create a kind of textile material that has distinguishable texture and color. Plastic is one of the most critical missions to be solved in the world because it is threatening the ecosystem and marine life without proper disposal. So, thinking about the proper use of recycled plastics became one of the biggest missions for designers. 


Normally recycled plastics are utilized by designers through the method of melting to cast and be molded in a form. However, I used the recycled plastics as artificial pigments by grinding them and making them into tiny small particles. 


And each side of Plastigela has different colors and textures. One side has a bright color and rough texture because of the plastic particles and the other has a natural earthy color and smooth texture because of the ochre. 


This material can be hand-stitched or machine-stitched, so it can be used as a normal textile material. And I am keeping on the research about how to apply the material to the products and textiles.

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