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Concept Video 'A Letter From Poop'

A Letter from Poop, 2017

Toilet should no longer be a tomb of shit,

Toilet should be the doors of life that open the cycle of nature

By personifying poop, I wanted to notify how valuable and useful poop was in the past and what problem the flush toilet has these days. 

Also, by designing an event, 'Classy Poop Contest', I wanted to let people know about how they can have a healthy pooping life in their daily life and how important the relationship is between our intestinal environments and our health.

01. Poster 'Classy Poop Contest'
02. Survey Paper 'Classy Poop Contest'
03. Booklet About Intestinal Bacteria 'Classy Poop Contest'  

04. Poop Ball

Before the invention of flushing toilets, people had to throw away their excrements outside because it was hard to handle those. As an aborted children, poops were abandoned without mercy. Poops were such thing for us: Something to avoid and something to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

However, we need to reconsider the value of poops at this moment. If poops are composted for a year with care, poops can be a wonderful natural compost. Better than any other composts. 

Also, the behavior of throwing poop balls means not the behavior of harming people and nature like in the past, but the blessing behavior of bringing out the new birth. 

In other words, poops would be re-evaluated as the critical part of the natural cycle disconnected by the modern flush toilet.

Poop-ball Recipe
4-1. Poop Ball Recipe
Certificates of Poop Ball
4-3. Certificate Of Poop Ball         
4-2. Booklet 'How to make poop ball'         
Classy Poop Contest Presentation
Classy Poop Contest Presentation
'Classy Poop Contest' presentation
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