Soowon Chae / 채수원       20.02.1991   South Korea



Design Academy Eindhoven / Man & Well-Being

Eindhoven, Netherlands / 2015 - 2019





Assistant Curator at YKSI EXPO

Eindhoven, The Netherlands / January 2020 - Present

Internship at EREZ NEVI PANA 

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL / August - December 2018




Awards / Nominations

Corunum Design Contest 2018, Top 20

s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands 

Rossana Orlandi, Guiltless Plastic Prize 2020, Finalists

Milan, ITALY 





Material District

Naarden, The Netherlands / From December 2019

Material ConneXion

New York, United States / From February 2020

Materfad, Center de materials de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain / From January 2020

London Metropolitan University  |  Aldgate Library 

London, United Kingdom / From January 2020

University Mainz  |  University of Applied Sciences

Mainz, Germany / From January 2020


Colab  |  Dubai Design District 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates / From May 2020

Slovak Design Center

Bratislava, Slovakia / From June 2020

FCBA / Innovathèque Technological Institute

Champs sur Marne, France / From June 2020




(upcoming) Material District Expo 

"Ocragela : Red Ochre and a Wise Man"

Rotterdam, The NETHERLANDS / March 2021 

(upcoming) Rossana Orlandi Guiltless Plastic Prize

"Ocragela : Red Ochre and a Wise Man"

Milan, ITALY / 28 September - 10 October 2020

(upcoming) Re-thinking plastic exhibition

"Plastigela samples"

Eindhoven, The NETHERLANDS / From 2 September 2020 

Rossana Orlandi Gallery 

"Furniture : Anima series ver.2 (Chair, Stool)"

Milan, ITALY / From July 2020

Yksi Expo Exhibition 

"Red Ochre and a Wise Man"

Eindhoven, The NETHERLANDS / Jan-July 2020

Dutch Design Week at Graduation show G19

"Red Ochre and a Wise Man"

Eindhoven, The NETHERLANDS / October 2019

Material's Future Life at The Tallinn Design Festival  

"Red Ochre and a Wise Man"
Tallinn, ESTONIA / September 2019

Hope Exhibition

Curated by Ilse Crawford and Oscar Peña at Kazerne 

"A Lunch in the Wild South"

Eindhoven, The NETHERLANDS / April - August 2019

La Reunion 'Valuing, Sensing, Connecting Crafts'

"A Lunch in the Wild South"

Eindhoven, The NETHERLANDS / July 2018

Gastronomic Exhibition at TAC 

"Apple of my Eye"

Eindhoven, The NETHERLANDS / April 2018

CorUnum Design Contest 2018 Top 20

"Apple of my Eye"

S-Hertogenbosch, The NETHERLANDS / April 2018

Clay Stories at Dutch Design Week 2017

"Apple of my Eye"

Eindhoven, The NETHERLANDS / October 2017

Soowon is a designer who questions the cycle of one project leading to one conclusion and sees the project as a perpetual query, hoping each of projects and concomitant queries would build up an idea. 

He is interested in those whose meanings and functions have transformed throughout changes of time, and Soowon puts a special emphasis on how to reinterpret and re-evaluate authentic values of those underrepresented and marginalized.

With respect to the most primitive and pristine beauty of nature, the human-nature relationship, and human’s innate creativity, he endeavors to express his ideas and vestiges through both narrative-building and design.