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Apple of my eye / SOOWON CHAE

Apple of my Eye, 2018

Preciousness of tiny little things surround us now 

Apple of My Eye is a series of ceramic works that reflect upon Soowon's nostalgia and longingness for objects that are not around him anymore because of the change over time.
More specifically, Soowon thought that there will come a time when we long for naturally grown tomatoes, bananas, sweet potatoes, or more because genetically modified organisms will take over our kitchens.
Thinking of this change, I created GMO-motivated shapes by recombining and transforming ordinary fruits and vegetables. Through this novelty, I wanted to emphasize the preciousness of what surrounds us now.

Dear my audience,
When we lost something, 
we realize what it meant to us,
and what are the memories with it.

Also, thinking about the future without it, 
we realize how valuable it was to us. 

In the meantime, for me, 
those lost things were 
friends who had been with me,
the places where I spent time,
the toys I played with,
my family,
my neighbors,
and all those happy hours with them.

Very ordinary and small everyday things.

These longings made me realize 
the importance of things around me 
in the present moment which would become the past. 

They have also influenced the direction of my design. 

Someone may think that
designers should create something new.
But to present your vision to others
can be another role of designers.

It is to suggest a new perspective beyond the mere object. 
As the world changes faster,
there are many things we miss.
Also, there are many things to be disregarded or ignored.

So, I think this role of spreading our new perspectives 
will be even bigger in the future. 


In a world that changes day by day,
normal things are handled in an insignificant way.
Maybe because they are thought 
to be always there tomorrow or few years later.

Let's look at people, things, and moments of everyday life again.

and walk out the streets, 
find out the most beautiful and precious things everywhere.

I wanted to find the ignored value of what is considered ordinary.

Today is a normal day as always.
I hope you enjoy every piece of today. 

Collecting Fruits And Vegetables
Shape Study

Gastronomic Exhibition at TAC 

Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS / April 2018

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