CODE BLUE 2017, Design Academy Eindhoven 

Blue is an appetite suppressant

Colour is closely related to our appetite. The reason for this is that nature has told humans when to eat through colours, and humans have been able to get a safe and delicious food by recognizing the colours. 

According to this principle, blue is rare colour among the natural foods we can eat, so it is an appetite suppressant because it makes us feel bitter taste and recognise poison.

In that sense, Soowon brings a small wit for preventing overeating to couch potatoes by melting blue in their life-style. Also, Soowon combined bottle and dish together not to be spilled out easily in uneven spaces like beds and sofas. And 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 tablewares would be more convenient when people are sitting on the compact sofa and bed.