A contemporary material which is biodegradable and made out of only natural ingredients


Ocragela was created by mixing gelatin and ochre with glycerin and water. The material can be hand-stitched or machine-sewn as a normal textile material. And also it can be customized to leather-like, rubber/silicone-like, and plastic-like by changing the proportions, temperatures, and the way of pouring.


Currently, attempts to develop the means of efficient utilization of Ocragela are continued. Applications for products, textiles, or flooring materials have experimented. Also, I am in touch with several companies who asked for material samples for future collaboration opportunities.



Material District 

Naarden, The Netherlands  / From December 2019

Material ConneXion

New York, United States / From February 2020

Matefad, Center de materials de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain / From January 2020

University Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Mainz, Germany / From January 2020

London Metropolitan University | Materials and Products Collection

London, United Kingdom / From January 2020

Colab | Dubai Design District 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates / From May 2020

Slovak Design Center

Bratislava, Slovakia / From June 2020

FCBA / Innovathèque Technological Institute

Champs sur Marne, France / From June 2020

University library in Philadelphia | Fisher Fine Arts Library

Philadelphia, United States / From July 2020

Material Lab  |  Pratt Institute's School of Design  

New York, United States / From Nov 2020

Mata-Log  |  University of Brighton  

Brighton, United Kingdom / From Nov 2020

PlusX  |  Brighton library

Brighton, United Kingdom / From Nov 2020

Future materials bank, Jan van Eyck Academie & Central ST Martins 

Maastricht, NL & London, UK / From Dec 2020

RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) Material Resource Center 

Providence RI, USA / From Apr 2021

Colour of Saying | Material Design Agency

London, UK / From Apr 2021

MatériO | library of materials 

Prague, CZ / From Jun 2021

Ingredients : Ochre family, Gelatin, Glycerin, Water
Around 258x154cm size sample
Striped sample
Melted left-over materials 
Canvas-textured sample
Marbling-textured sample
Translucent sample